Truth About Drugs - Friends of Narconcon

High School Curriculum

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High School Curriculum

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  • 1 Educators’ Guide with lesson plans
  • Activities & Worksheets
  • Quizzes and Assignments
  • 1 Teaches’ DVD
  • 4 program DVD’s for a total of 220 minutes.

Also includes Fidelity Monitoring Kit & 4 Color Drug Fact Sheets.

Printable Handouts (PDF):



Marijuana the Myth:

Drugs and the Body


The Marketing of Drugs



Xtasy the Real Story Part 1:

Drugs and the Media


Dealers Use Media to Sell



Xtasy the Real Story Part 2:

Definition of a Drug


Drugs and the Mind



Drugs and Emotions:

False Enthusiasm





Teachers DVD:

.Behind the Real Story


Why Kids Take Drugs


Why Parents are the Last to Know


The Misery of Ecstasy