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Truth About Drugs Video Program Overview

The Truth About Drugs Prevention Kit for Middle School is a research-validated substance abuse prevention program shown to reduce alcohol consumption and drunkenness, tobacco and smokeless tobacco use, marijuana use and use of other substances.

This comprehensive and thought-provoking kit helps kids develop their own certainty regarding the physical and emotional effects of drug use; a certainty that helps them sort out often-conflicting messages in today’s society.

Through engaging DVD-based presentations, interactive classroom drills, and practical assignments, students are brought to understand the consequences of drug use and are given healthy alternatives and important skills including:

  • increased awareness of the actual consequences of tobacco, alcohol, and drug use both physically/emotionally and also with respect to accomplishing their goals;
  • tools to assess alcohol or other drug information they receive against the motives of the source;
  • greater ability to effectively communicate with peers and parents on the subject of tobacco, alcohol and drugs;
  • tools to promote relationships that reinforce remaining drug-free;
  • skills to resist social influences and peer pressures to smoke, drink, or use drugs;
  • tools they can use to develop their own goals and make decisions—and determine for themselves whether or not drug use or other behaviors align with goals and decisions.

By improving knowledge and correcting social norms, the Narconon Truth About Drugs Video Program develops appropriate drug-related attitudes and accurate perceptions of risk among our youths.

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  • Middle School Kit


    Middle School Kit


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