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Evidence-Based High School Curriculum

High School Curriculum Outline and Structure

High School Curriculum The following outlines each of the eight sessions against key constructs used by many drug prevention programs. The interactive curriculum imparts science-based information from fields as diverse as toxicology, forensic science, nutrition, marketing, pharmacology and many others. Program materials include audio-visual support and lesson plans. A Facilitator training segment on the Teacher’s DVD emphasizes the importance of effective communication as well as creating an environment in which students may ask questions, discuss personal situations, and actively participate.


Curriculum Components The Truth About Drugs Video Program is sent to schools and groups as a complete kit containing the following:

Educator’s Guide

This Educator’s Guide is your orientation to running the program and the use of the program materials. Each lesson plan is fully laid out including its purpose and needed materials. Each Session has a Session Worksheet: a written set of step-by-step instructions specifying which DVD to use and exactly which tracks to play when. It gives the exact sequence and steps for facilitating small-group activities, question-and-answer sessions, role-playing, and other activities aimed at encouraging students to inspect and draw their own conclusions. The Educator’s Guide also includes pre-written take-home activities that foster communication with parents and other family members. Other homework assignments and group activities help youth increase their competency in recognizing even subtle pro-drug influences; establish appropriate social norms and disapproval of drug use and other anti-social behaviors. Session quizzes and review forms identify and strengthen the important components of each session.

Four feature DVDs for use with students

  • Marijuana the Myth™ (run time 28 minutes). Core knowledge objectives include physical consequences and lasting psychological effects of tobacco, drugs and alcohol; establishment of social norms.
  • Xtasy™ Part 1 (runtime 33 minutes). Core knowledge objectives include positive media and influential marketing strategies contrasted with actual drug use risks emphasizing alcohol and ecstasy. Correcting social norms includes addressing social dichotomies as well as impactful interviews with young adults who relate the truth and effects drugs made on their lives.
  • Xtasy™ Part 2 (runtime 33 minutes). Core knowledge objectives include the effects of drugs and alcohol on the mind, redefining drugs in alignment with negative physical consequences and correcting social norms through interviews with young adults.
  • Drugs and Emotions (run time 28 minutes). Core knowledge objectives include the effects of drugs on emotions and definitions of tolerance, dependence and addiction. Young adult interviews present drug-taking consequences, particularly regarding future aspirations. This component also includes a competency enhancement skill empowering youth to develop a clear set of personal goals and implement strategies to boost self-esteem and achieve their goals.
  • The Teacher’s DVD (run time 98 minutes) is a training component that includes a 30 minute Facilitator Training segment called “Behind the Real Story” which provides important background and shows you how to obtain results with this program including presentation suggestions and examples as well as techniques to stimulate students’ interest, participation and engagement. Additional sections include “Why Parents Are the Last to Know,” “Why Kids Take Drugs,” and “The Misery of Ecstasy” that provide social insight about drugs, teenagers and family situations. These sections can also be used to develop booster sessions.
Each DVD has a special interactive menu system to provide you with quick access to specific segments called for by each Session Worksheet. This system helps you find the exact material for Review Sessions, facilitate doing boosters or return to complete an assignment or quiz as needed. Note: Marijuana the Myth is also age appropriate for Middle School. While some educators have shown Xtasy the Real Story for Middle School students, comprehension may not be the same as it is for High School students. We leave this up to your discretion.


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    High School Curriculum


    High School Curriculum


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Excerpts from Videos
Marijuana the Myth:
Drugs and the Body

The Marketing of Drugs

Xtasy the Real Story Part 1:
Drugs and the Media

Dealers Use Media to Sell Drugs

Xtasy the Real Story Part 2:
Definition of a Drug

Drugs and the Mind

Drugs and Emotions:
False Enthusiasm


Teachers DVD:
Behind the Real Story

Why Parents are the Last to Know

Why Kids Take Drugs

The Misery of Ecstasy